Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to Ask Nurse Deb!

I've been asked many questions by my friends and family about medical issues that concern them or those they love. Many people feel confused by the complex medical system or too stressed out to think of good questions when they're in a doctor's office. Have you ever wondered:

  • When do I need to consult with a doctor or other care provider?
  • How to make sense out of what you were told at a recent visit to the doctor?
  • What a lab test means and how important the results are?
  • This is what my doctor recommends - do I have any choices???
  • How do I take care of my child and who is the best person to consult for his care?
  • What can I do if I don't want to have chemo or other medicine prescibed by my doctor?
  • How can I become a healthier person?

You're not alone. People often seek out someone knowledgeable to find out just how their body works, what their choices might be for treating an illness, or what all the big words mean that medicine throws around so readily.


I know how to listen well. I speak the language of medicine. I can help you make sense of what puzzles you given my 30+ years providing professional nursing in a variety of health care settings and age groups from babies to elders. I've learned a lot about living well, dying, and meeting life's challenges with courage, honesty and humor. I know where to look for medical resource information and to discern what is based in scientific knowledge and what is opinion or "spin." Not much about the human body embarrasses me anymore but sometimes I still am surprised by what I have yet to know about being human. I can serve as your health coach as you explore making changes in how you live, supporting your intentions and holding you accountable for the goals you have set for yourself!

I have successfully raised children as a single mom, have learned about grief and loss through personal experience, and am exploring aging first hand for myself and with an elder parent. I use a variety of integrative health modalities for my own well-being and for those who consult me; I can introduce you to many potentially helpful health-enhancing practices that address your whole self.


You will find a growing library of postings here that raise issues in self-care, health related current events, and responses to reader concerns that may be useful to many in the on-line community.

I'm glad to field your questions here as long as the asker is ok with response that can be shared by anyone reading the blog. Check out my web site at http://www.asknursedeb.com/ (under construction at this posting) for information about arranging for email or phone consultations for those issues that are best discussed with privacy and confidentiality.


My goal is to empower each person who brings me a question to make good choices for themselves, to learn to ask great questions of their care providers, and to learn more about how their body, mind, and spirit interact and 'work.' I want you to go away from our conversation feeling like you have been heard and respected, understanding better what had puzzled you. When I don't know the anwers to your question, we'll enter into learning about it together!

Here's to your health and happiness - let the questions begin!

Nurse Deb


  1. What a great launch into cyberspace with a creative, informative, warm and friendly approach!

  2. Over a year ago I didn't listen to Nurse Deb despite her repeated pleadings for me to go to my local emergency room. I should've listened! I was in congestive heart failure. Thank you, Deb, for your continued GREAT advice all year long...from getting oxygen concentrators to advocating for me with my internist. You were a godsend and my heartfelt thanks to you as I NOW ENJOY GOOD HEALTH. You're an incredible nurse and friend! With great admiration and love, Lynn

  3. Thank you for your sharing, Dusty and Lynn! I am so grateful to both of you for your support and believing in me as this techno-stuff gets birthed! Good friends, indeed.

  4. My experience with you this winter, when you helped me with body work to help process grief and emotions, showed me a part of you that I didn't understand. Your ability to create a safe and protected environment and to hold and direct the energy that arose in me was profound. You are a healer. Your help and support made a difference for me and I'm grateful that you are sharing your gifts with others. With love and gratitude,


  5. Deb - Your new "offspring" is beautifully and thoughtfully done. Congratulations on stretching yourself and offering your wisdom and experience to others. Sue Stafford

  6. Dear Nurse Deb,
    Can you recommend iron rich foods for an anemic teenage boy? Would simply not eating enough greens make him anemic?
    Thank you,
    Sacramento Gal

  7. Dear Sacramento Gal...I'd be glad to give you some information about anemia and how to empower one's body to build healthy red blood cells. I would be surprised if in a teen it was all about a lack of greens in his diet - so many kids grow up avoiding vegetables and still manage to maintain hemoglobin levels in normal range, isn't that a wonder?!

    I'll pull some material together and post a comment on the blog site. Please check back, and I wish you well in getting to the bottom of this concern for your young one.

    Nurse Deb