Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If Your Dog is Fat...

There's a saying I find to be uncomfortably true. "If your dog is fat, YOU're not getting enough exercise!" At our house our canine friends are the activity directors responsible for ensuring that we humans take a walk, find time to play some ball, have regular meals, get up and go to sleep in a reasonable fashion. For being 'dumb' (unable to speak in English) animals, they sure are wise!

In the quest for personal wellness and health, this dog-run program has identified some basic yet essential components of what ensures healthy happy living - exercise, play, good company, time spent outdoors in nature, regularly scheduled mealtimes and adequate restlful sleep. (I am grateful they leave the cooking to us however as I don't think our interpretation of what is a gastronomic delicacy has much in common. )

Here are some questions for you to ponder:

  1. Who paces YOUR day if you don't have doggy trainers?

  2. How often are you skipping meals because you're too busy?

  3. When's the last time you cooked a meal and ate it with your family or housemates?

  4. How well are you sleeping and do you wake feeling refreshed and rested?

    In the next few blog posts, I will comment about ideas for healthy living choices and invite readers to challenge my assertions, be challenged in turn to 'own' the ways they may fall into not so healthy habits, and offer up hard learned suggestions to readers of this thread. I'll also give you something to chew on that describes how we humans dance around with the notion of change, and changing our behaviors.

    My doggy health coaches have just rushed in from tussling outside followed by a quick dip in the pond, wagging their soggy tails and smiling widely! When's the last time I felt that kind of exuberant delight with my life? When's the last time I skinny dipped in the neighbor's pond?!
    The two of them have taken up positions on the floor recognizing that "She's doing that computer thing again..." followed by deep contented sighs. As I think about it, dogs are pretty adept at patience and quiet meditative 'being-ness' too. Pretty masterful companionship, isn't it?

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